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half hour                       $55
one hour                       $100
one and a half hours    $140
two hours                      $175

Pilates - (In Person or Online)
Individual                      $100
Single Mat Class            $30
Full Month of Classes    $25 each when paying for a calendar month of classes at one time.
calendar month requires a new booking and you will be contacted as the month begins to confirm your plans. Bookings are vital, and planning goes into every class based on who will be attending. Please give as much notice as possible if your plans change. If you are unable to attend a class you have booked but give no notice, please do not expect a refund.

Eftpos is available or pay with online banking. Cash will be accepted but contactless payment is preferred.

If you are unwell please stay home. Remember, video or phone links are always an option for pilates if you have the will and energy but are worried you have something contagious.


Pilates & Therapeutic Massage
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