Health & Safety

There are steep steps at the entrance to 75 Ghuznee Street. Please use the handrail.

If you require wheelchair access, do advise before coming. Access is through the basement garage that opens onto Garrett Street, behind the building. This requires a swipe card that Articulate must obtain from the Property Manager with each use.

Within the studio itself there is a custom built bamboo floor. There is a small sharp edge where the flooring meets carpet. The floor is ideal for mathwork classes but it is an extremely hard surface. It can be slippery when you are in socks. If you require water near you during a class, use a non-spill container and/or place it out of the way of all class members.

Being a mat-work studio, small pieces of equipment are provided. Please be mindful of all other people and equipment in the exercise space.

If you feel pain during or after a session (pilates or massage) please let Articulate know. Tenderness of muscles after a session is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are in any way unsure, or think you may have an injury, it is vital the studio knows to prevent future issues and direct you to correct treatment where appropriate.


Pilates & Therapeutic Massage