Articulate is open for pilates and massage with measures in place to keep clients and staff safe and well and to help ensure NZ stays on top of COVID 19. For everybody's sake, please do not come in if you are unwell.

Ever done pilates? Possibly not like this! Pilates is a justly famous world-wide exercise system, but it is not only a set of exercises, it can be a way of thinking about and experiencing your own body. It will then become a path to recognising unhelpful habits, looking for efficient ways to move, and strengthening deep structural muscles to support vulnerable or overused areas.


For the last 10 years Articulate has consisted of a beautiful, sunny, pilates mat work studio space at 75 Ghuznee St, Te Aro, but we have reached the end of an era. The building housing the studio has been sold and is to be converted into appartmentsso we are on the move! Temporary space is being used within the same building, which has been such a blessing in reducing rent during lockdown and providing ample space to spread out further and easily allow physical distancing now that classes have restarted.

The owner, Mia, trained in massage in 1995 and then later, working from within a pilates studio and experiencing first hand just how good the combination of massage and pilates can be, trained in 2008 as a mat work instructor and has offered both modalities since.

Mia specialises in small pilates mat classes that enable every individual to receive all the attention they require. Each class follows a different plan, so you get to put aside everything but what is happening right here and now and concentrate on the instructions. Your instructor will "articulate" all you need to do while you isolate different muscle groups to strengthen them, discover movement patterns you have fallen into and create new ones while you "articulate" all your joints after supplying support from core structures.

If you would like the complete attention of your instructor, individual pilates sessions are also available.


Pilates & Therapeutic Massage